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Deinze Yacht Club



In order to enjoy your stay as much as possible, please find hereby our guidelines:

Before mooring, or even while approaching, please announce your arrival to the DYC Marina Master: Tel ++ 32 (0) 495 255 620, or when no response, Tel ++ 32 (0) 496 080 280.

A convenient berth (number on the grey piles) for your overnight stay will be assigned as soon as possible. While waiting, mooring is allowed at a berth where the board (at dock level) is mentioning « VRIJ » ( = Free ), or if it is green. Red berths are either from members, or are reserved.

Upon registration by the DYC responsible dock charges are due : from €20 for 1 night / ship < 3.6 m width / max. 4 persons, including the cost for electricity (CEE, 230 V, 10 Amps.), and for handling domestic waste. A full price list can be found on this website.

Ask the Marina master to indicate you the convenient points for connecting to shore power.

Please sort out your waste according to composition, as indicated above the waste containers. It is prohibited to depose any waste other than daily domestic waste.

With your registration you will be communicated a personal code, giving access to the sanitary facilities (showers and toilets ) and allowing you to get in & out of the enclosed DYC site via the visitor gate at the right hand side of the club house. Please take care to always close the gate, and have your code on hand for entering again. This code is strictly personal and it is prohibited to communicate it to others.

Touristic information:

– DYC is very well situated on the junction between Brugge, Kortrijk, and Ghent ( the Schelde). Sailing from DYC to Ghent via Astene by the Touristic Leie (max. 7 km/h) you will discover an exceptional landscape, fixed on canvass by famous Latem painters.

– The centre of Deinze, with a lot of shops, a supermarket, several cafés and restaurants, is situated at 500 m downstream of DYC. The railway station is at 10 min. from the centre.

– Just in front of DYC a large park is situated, with ponds, a small zoo and a playing-garden for children. Open every day from sunrise tot sunset, or 10 pm at the latest.

– Touring the area by bicycle (via well signed routes, see Tourist Info in the centre of town), or just following the Touristic Leie downstream up to the castle of Ooidonck, bike route nrs 5-6-9-11-12-90 ) will lead you into the heart of this vast island of rural silence.

– The municipal swimming pool (at 15 min. walk)  is also equipped with a pool for children, a slide, bubble bath and steam cabin. It opens at 17 hrs daily.

Lines of conduct :

– Please respect the calm at the marina, both during day and night.

– Limiting the speed of your boat ( max. 5 km/h ) over the whole length of the marina will avoid troublesome wash of waves, causing inconvenience to the moored boats and occupants.

– All regulations and laws, dictated by all official authorities, fluvial, regional and federal, and the specific regulations of the DYC, are in force and to comply with. DYC rules are listed on the information boards next to the club house.

– It is strictly prohibited to take in fuel, to carry out or have carried out technical maintenance and repair or paint works. By absolute necessity or distress, contact the Marina Master beforehand, who will then decide on an eventual authorisation, and which procedures to follow strictly.

– Plan and prepare your trip in advance! Visit the DYC – website : The Marina Master is at your service for all further information.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

Local Telephone N° :

Marina Master DYC         Deinze                                                ++ 32 495 255 620

AMBULANCE – POLICE  – FIRE-brigade (only in emergency)          112

Doctor general practice : Dr Hoegenaert, Markt 20 Deinze       ++ 32 9 386 52 12

Doctor at night (week from 19h to 7h) or WE (Fri 19h to Mon 7h) ++ 32 475 81 95 95

Clinic: St Vincentiusziekenhuis, Schutterijstraatn 34      Deinze  ++ 32 9 387 71 11

Pharmacy: de Leie , Markt 12    Deinze                                        ++ 32 9 386 13 70

Veterinary: Siebelinck, Gaversesteenweg 207 , Deinze               ++ 32 9 380 89 45

Police ( local )        Deinze                                                           ++ 32 9 381 96 00

Police ( Fluvial ) Langerbruggestr 116  Ghent                               ++ 32 9 255 51 40

Fire-station ( local ) & inflatable & diver      Deinze                    ++ 32 9 386 13 00

Diver ( volunteer ) : Danny Embrechts                                        ++ 32 474 47 33 53

Tolpoortbrug Deinze / drawbridge (downstream DYC) VHF 20 ++ 32 9 386 15 73

Drawbridge at the lock of Astene ( Astene Leie )                        ++ 32 9 386 10 19

Poly-Al Boats : boat repair and ship store     Deinze                    ++ 32 9 386 31 00

De Jans Piet : Diesel fuel, by tank-lorry min . 200 lit.                 ++ 32 495 50 13 36


DYC vzw. is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in this document